Make Your Home a Scenic & Relaxing Retreat, and Enjoy a Deep Connection with Nature by Installing Beautiful Water features to Your Landscape Magaletta Design Environments can design and build the pool of you always wanted. Whether you want a walk-in the beach entry, structural caisson support, or an infinity edge, we can custom design your pool just the way you want. We can customize your outdoor living space to your needs, exactly the way you have imagined. Simply put, we make dreams come true. And that is not an overstatement!

Imagine an artistically designed backyard pond with darting fish and floating lilies, and the relaxing sound of running water. Isn’t it going to be a joy for you? What if we told you that you could have all this, and that too, within your budget?

With over 25 years of experience, at Magaletta Design Environments, we specialize in transforming a bland outdoor landscape into a beautiful paradise by adding extravagant, decorative and custom designed water features that look simply exquisite. Water features like waterfalls in New Jersey and ponds are a great way to enhance your curb appeal and make a boring space absolutely breath-taking.

In addition to this, by adding water features, you can bring peace and tranquility to your living space. The soothing sound of water from the waterfall is a great way to nurture the soul and calm the spirit. It looks refreshing, provides a sweet escape from the pressures of life and stress, and compliments the décor elegantly. Water features in residential turfs can be best described as a mark of elegance and luxury.

Whether you want a bedazzling waterfall or a gorgeous and uniquely designed pond, at Magaletta Design Environments, we can assist you with all your water feature needs. Recognized for our magnificent and functional water features in New Jersey, we can tailor your residential landscape, exactly the way you have envisioned.

Our work reflects innovation, design brilliance, technical excellence, and imagination, together with unparalleled craftsmanship. And all this is achieved by teamwork and client involvement. Our team of designers, builders and installers use modern concepts, eco-friendly construction techniques and comply with the highest industry standards to ensure each and every project demonstrates sheer brilliance and work of art.

All our designs are based on one principal and that is to create water features that bring tranquility and add beauty to any property. Using our experience and expertise to our advantage, our team is able to create water features that go far beyond aesthetics, and strike a perfect balance between luxury, style and functionality.

Attributes like our work ethics, integrity and strong commitment to customer and quality has earned us the trust and respect of residential and commercial owners in New Jersey. We take pride in being the first preference for building and installing waterfalls in New Jersey.

Pond Design and Installation

At Magaletta Design Environments, we offer premium and custom pond design services in New Jersey. We can expertly build a stunning pond in your landscape in the shortest time, designed to your specifications, with the optimum pond depth and optional environmental elements like Koi fish, accents and night lighting.

In addition to this, our team also provides you information on how to maintain your pond along with equipment recommendations like filters and pumps.

We use best practices and comply with the highest standards to create the pond of your dreams while ensuring that it withstands the test of time and serves as a solid investment to beautify your outdoor landscape for years to come.

Waterfalls Design and Installation

Waterfall designing and installation is another area we have conquered. At Magaletta Design Environments, we strive to give every waterfall we create, a genuine look and a real feel. We do this by using natural materials.

Our design process is simple. We first try to understand the purpose of the waterfall installation along with your goals and requirements. We then create a design accordingly and provide you a free cost estimate so there are no unpleasant surprises after project completion. We make sure that the waterfalls we install; energize and blend in harmony with your surroundings, attracting and compelling guests and onlookers to appreciate the craft and contemplate the sound of the water.

For more information or a free cost estimate, get in touch with us now. Call us at (973) 539-1818 to discuss your needs with our expert team.