Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy being the host? Love inviting guests for dinner and BBQs to your home? Wish you could transform your backyard into a luxurious outdoor living space and host the perfect cookout that your friends remember for years? If yes, then get in touch with Magaletta Design Environments. We can customize your outdoor living space to your needs, exactly the way you have imagined. Simply put, we make dreams come true. And that is not an overstatement!

We have the experience, the expertise, the equipment, and the eye for creativity that enables us to design and create outdoor living spaces that exceed expectations in both functionality and beauty. We create spaces that compliment your landscape, suit your needs and reflect your style. 

Our areas of specialization include:

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • BBQ Islands
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Pergolas, Decks, Pool Houses, Cabanas
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens
  • Custom Fire Pits
  • Fire Tables

When it comes to creating outdoor living design, we empower you to think and dream big without any restriction or limitation. Anything you can dream, we can build. We don’t restrict you to any certain type of finish or brand of appliance. You choose and we deliver!
We custom design and build outdoor living spaces using quality material and equipment. Our work reflects excellent workmanship and technical prowess. Our trained staff designs your space keeping functionality, ambience and curb appeal in mind.

Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens

At Magaletta Design Environments, we specialize in creating outdoor kitchens that are built for performance and designed to envy. Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is what helps us deliver what we promise. From the layout to outdoor kitchen amenities to appliances everything is designed and selected specific to your needs, desires and budget.

Our alliance with best kitchen appliance manufacturers like Alturi, Calflame, Twin Eagles, Lynxx, Alfresco, Fire Magic, Danby, RCS, and Summerset among others enables us to offer you the best lifetime warranted stainless steel appliances at the most competitive prices.

Our custom designed outdoor kitchens include options like countertops, pizza ovens, BBQ islands and amenities like gazebos, cabanas and pergolas. We strive to provide you outdoor kitchens that are functional and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Our custom designed outdoor kitchens include options like countertops, pizza ovens, BBQ islands and amenities like gazebos, cabanas and pergolas. We strive to provide you outdoor kitchens that are functional and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Custom Built BBQ Islands

At Magaletta Design Environments, we custom design and built spectacular and highly functional BBQ islands using superior construction techniques ensuring there is no compromise on quality.
We are the only island builders who use Hardi Backer Board for construction. This product is robust, has great strength and is terrific for exterior walls and soffits for stucco and stone finishes. Unlike other prefab islands, this material never grows mold or mildew.
In addition to this, we use one inch thick steel tubing, welded completely and coated with red oxide, eliminating the possibility of rust on the skin of the islands. To improve the stability of the island, we use 45° angle supports on each corner on an eight cabinet island.

Our professionals creatively shape, size, and finish every island to perfection ensuring it compliments your outdoor landscape.

At Magaletta Design Environments, we provide you top quality products and custom design outdoor living spaces at affordable prices, always.

Custom Pergolas

We can help you create your own home oasis by adding and installing all the right amenities and backyard accents like pergola. Whether you want a pergola with a solid rooftop or an open roof, outfitted with a TV, heat/cooling system and entertainment system, we can custom design your outdoor living room according your needs. Enjoy a cozy night out under the stars in your pergola, just the way you’ve always wanted!

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Wish you could bake pizzas in your backyard and tempt your entire neighborhood with the delicious smell of pepperoni and cheese? Then let’s say, your wish can come true. At Magaletta Design Environments, we custom design and build outdoor pizza ovens. We specialize in gas and wood custom built pizza ovens. Our products are priced below retail. Guaranteed!

We can install a pizza oven in your outdoor landscape independently or incorporate it into your overall outdoor kitchen design. The perfect combination of our top quality workmanship and construction techniques ensures superior oven functionality and reflects design brilliance. Our ovens are designed towards creating an attention grabbing focal point for your outdoor entertaining area.

Fire Pits

Add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space by getting a custom designed fire pit. We can create spectacular fire pits as standalone elements just about anywhere you want or incorporate it seamlessly into the design of your outdoor kitchen or patio. It creates a beautiful place of warmth to gather around on cold winter nights and serves as a visually appealing addition, adding flair to your outdoor landscape. Fire pits we design are framed with welded tubular steel ensuring the structure lasts a lifetime. They feature:

  • Stainless steel fire pan insert and fire ring
  • Key valve for turning the flame up and down
  • Our propane fire pit model feature stainless steel doors for the propane tank.
  • At Magaletta Design Environments, we have the expertise and skills to shape the fire pit according to your needs, using the finishing material of your choice. The finish materials we use include granite slab, slate, travertine, stacked stone, porcelain tile, stucco and flagstone.