Landscape Maintenance

Founded in 1990, with over 30 years of industry experience, Magaletta Design Environments offers a full-suite of landscape maintenance services to ensure the health and beauty of your outdoor setting.

We use the latest in tools and technology provide you the best services and satisfy the needs of every client no matter the project size or scope.
At Magaletta Design Environments, our project managers work with you collectively to develop a customized landscape maintenance plan according to your property needs and requirements. Our goal is to:

  • Increase your property aesthetic appeal and image
  • Increase property resale value
  • Protect landscape investment by improving the health of your plants and trees
  • Provide a safe and an enjoyable landscape to your family
  • Help you save energy and reduce water consumption
  • Minimize landscape maintenance cost

Monthly Inspections

At Magaletta Design Environments, we provide you monthly inspections. Our certified specialists who have a wealth of experience in Horticultural industry, inspect your property to ensure your outdoor landscape remains beautiful and lush green.

Mowing and Weeding

We strive to keep your lawn weed free and clean. To deliver what we promise, we:

  • Change our mowing patterns weekly to eliminate divots and grooves
  • Edge all garden beds by machine and with shade shovels
  • Cut around sprinkler heads so that your lawn is evenly watered
  • Remove all debris from walkway, roads and garden area at the end of the work day.

Pest and Fertilization

We use advanced pest control and fertilization techniques to keep your free from pesky pests, bugs and critters that can take a toll on your valuable landscaping. Our team is well-trained, licensed and certified to properly treat any kinds of pest and fertilization challenges. Unlike other companies, we closely monitor your turf to control pests and diseases that can damage your landscape and lead to costly plant replacements.
We try to keep hedges, shrubs and trees healthy by stepping up our landscape maintenance regime that incorporate techniques like pruning, deep root fertilization, de-mossing, grinding stumps and applying appropriate chemicals for pest control.

Other Value Adding Landscape Maintenance Services We Offer….

Other services we offer include:

  • Turf consulting
  • Mulching and planting garden beds
  • Lawn repair
  • Sodding
  • Annual & perennial plantings