Montclair, NJ

Customer Review

I started using Magaletta design approximately five years ago. I met matt through a friend who asked if I would give him an opportunity to submit a proposal to landscape the property. I immediately said yes and thought I would do my friend the favor.Little did I know that it was him who would be doing me the favor. Matt and his team were a pleasure to work with and have since completed additional facets from the original job. These include an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, led in-ground lighting and a state of the art in ground pool.The design ideas that were utilized during this project were unbelievable and not a day goes by that I don't have People stopped in font of my house admiring the design. I've even had people ring my bell to inquire. I love to watch the expressions of my guests when they enter my yard for the first time and the first word is usually just WOW! I love pulling up to my house after a long day of work and sometimes can't believe that this pool is in my yard! Thank you Matt! You have separated yourself from the competition. Nick Olivieri